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It is a fact that we have continued our business in Drenthe and we do this with great pleasure and with new challenges and learning processes. We try to run the nursery as much as possible in a natural way, our intention is that all plants are grown in the ground and / or in difficult transplantable crops in paper pot, we try as consciously as possible to reduce the plastic consumption. . The nursery division is also paved without concrete or asphalt, instead we use grass paths. The supply of plants is limited this year but will expand in the coming years with what I prefer to do; unknown, rare plants that all have a history or story.


As of the first of February 2018 our mailing address will change. Our address in Boskoop is no longer in our use.

Herewith our new address:

Dorpsstraat 21

7814 PR Weerdinge

The Netherlands

Mobile: 00316 54 74 39 19 


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On this site you can take a look at our catalog 2019 - 2020 or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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When shrubs and trees have your attention , you can work with it and also can earn a living then you are living your dream. I've got that oppertunity. If you start at the age of 22 , have ideas and also want to start your own business and that worked. I have many species of farmed and collects every 5-6 years. I can not hold everything and unfortunately the number of species that we grew has been reduced by 70 %   but it's not less interesting. Hobbies and interests change and what remains is enough to tell . On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting information by every plant name in particular many features eg : Medical , vitamins and edible plants .

A plant is not something which is simply a beautiful plant, a plant can also be nice for what he gives you or what you have going on . In any case, take a look at the website and maybe there is something that has your attention .


Sincerely ,


Pieter Zwijnenburg

Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' ™ (PBR)


This unique winter-hardy and richly flowering ‘Sheepshead Hydrangea’ is easy to cut back and will flower lavishly afterwards. This is most unusual in hydrangeas ! The lovely lime-coloured to cream-white flowers are very exceptional in the assortment and may be cut and put on a vase. Flowers that have left off flowering present a decorative winter shape and might also be used as dried flowers. Give the plant plenty of water and preferably add some potting compost or humous soil to dry and calcareous soil. Cut back to about 20 cm above the ground in February or March. The plant will grow again to a height of about 100 to 150 cm and flower abundantly. If you do not cut the plant back, it may grow to a height  of 4 to 5 meter. A charming plant, both on his own, with other plants in a border, or in a pot on a balcony and terrace. Cut flowers are also included under the licence. Commercial cultivation for cutting not permitted. 

Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Lime' ®


Unique winter-hardy and rich flowering hydrangea. Little Lime ® is the dwarf form of the well-known H. pan. Limelight ™ (PBR). Produces romantic-looking flowers from July till September that colour from lime green to rose. Little Lime ® will grow +/- 90-120 cm high and prefers to stand in full sun or semi-shade in little moist and rich of humus garden soil. Prune. Little Lime ® in February/ March till +/- 15 cm above ground to get many beautiful flowers that same summer. Very nice garden plant can also be used in a pot or border. Commercial cultivation for cutflowers prohibited.

From  August, 1 2020 it is mandatory to sell / purchase Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Lime'®  with a Proven Winners® pot and label. Proven Winners® is an international brand that focuses on strong and healthy plants. They want to create one line with a strong image, so that the customer knows what quality he is buying and can be sure of it. This is clearly recognizable by the pot and the label. Proven Winners® will work hard for a good marketing strategy.




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